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Thursday, July 26, 2018
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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Welcome to my video blog series which I am kicking off with an introduction to Brides, Bumps & babies Photography as well as some background on me, Bradley Van Herbst, the Owner and Lead Photographer.

With 15 years of experience as a professional photographer, I have a wealth of experience photographing a wide range of projects including weddings, maternity and newborn portraits as well as family portraits, all of which fall within my service offerings here at Brides, Bumps & babies Photography.  I have also photographed other disciplines such as head shots, architectural, corporate events, senior portraits, live performances, products, advertising and lifestyle as well as many other unique photography projects.

This video blog helps explain my photography style which is very clean and leans towards the lighter side of things with perfect exposures.  I have a keen eye with a sense of fashion and design finding their way into how I pose subjects and art direct each photograph.

A very important aspect of how my photographs stand out is the true connection I attain with my subjects.  I achieve this connection by leaning on my outgoing and engaging personality.  Once a wedding couple, maternity or family portrait client is comfortable with me, they relax, have fun and all of those natural, loving, romantic, fun and true feelings come streaming through my me, it matters!

There is a really nice look into all of the above and more about my wedding photography on the Trulife Studios blog.

As I post more and more video blogs, I will be adding more useful content featuring topics that will be useful for wedding couples, new families and also for wedding and event professionals as well.  

Please subscribe to the blog and I'll look forward to becoming many of yours' photographer for life!

Introduction to Brides, Bumps & babies Photography